As a Minnesota based company, we feel so fortunate to be a part-and have the support-of this amazing state.
This private label was born of a desire to give back to this wonderful community. 

Libation Project has teamed up with our friends to create two, small-bottling, private label wines–
a California red blend and white blend–with a mission to give back to the Twin Cities that has given to us so generously.
All profits from these two wines will benefit a Minnesota charity, doing good in our community. 

Our inaugural beneficiary will be Harvest Pack-a Minnesota-based food security non-for-profit-with a focus on putting healthy
food on tables where it is not always accessible.
Their mission: 
a world where healthy food can be accessible to everyone, regardless of where they were born or how much money they
have; a world where people are brought together to help one another simply because it is the right thing to do. 

Harvest Pack helps by organizing mobile “meal packs,” with schools, businesses, and other organizations, where volunteers
gather to assemble thousands of healthy meals. 

Not only does Harvest Pack work globally, but they also recognize that families in Minnesota, and around the U.S., need help,
and many of their meals go to local food-shelves. Our Chief Enabler has worked with Harvest Pack for seven years, hosting an
annual food pack, with friends and family. This year’s pack will be held December 2nd, 3pm. Reach out to
If you’d like more details. 

Thank you for your support! –The Libation Project Team